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Numbers: How Shop Owners Are Marketing

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Getting noticed online is more than haphazardly posting pictures, memes, and updates on social media platforms. Shops have to build brand recognition that puts them in the front of their customers’ and prospects' minds each time a post goes live. It’s not enough to be visible. You need to be memorable. 

The average shop spends 1 to 4 percent of its annual revenue on marketing, uses in-house and external marketing staff; promotes the shop on social media weekly; primarily uses Facebook for its social media platform of choice; and uses Facebook advertising (over SEO, video marketing, Google AdWords, or email marketing) to promote their shop.

  • Facebook advertising: 56% 
  • Email marketing: 51% 
  • Google Adwords: 43%
  • SEO tools: 42% 
  • Direct mail marketing: 38% 
  • Organic content creation: 30% 
  • None: 23%
  • Paid search marketing: 20%
  • Geofencing: 18% 
  • Video marketing: 15%

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