292K Mercedes SUVs on Do Not Drive Status

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May 17, 2022—Drivers of Mercedes ML-, GL-. and R-class SUVs from 2006 through 2012 are being asked by the automaker to stop driving them immediately, according to a WQOW report.

Corrosion within power brake systems could weaken the brakes causing more drives to have to use more force when braking which could lead to accidents when vehicles aren’t stopped at a considerably safe distance. 

Mercedes has asked vehicle owners to have their brakes inspected for brake booster corrosion. If the brakes are performing normally, the automaker will require owners to have the brakes re-inspection within two years. If the brakes need repair, the booster will be replaced at no charge. Mercedes will provide free inspections and towing of vehicles for inspections and repairs, as well as help with setting drivers up with alternate modes of transportation while their SUVs are being repaired.

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