Homeowners 'More Likely' to Buy EVs

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May 27, 2022—In a recently released J.D. Power survey, 24 percent of people polled reported that their next vehicle purchase would likely be an EV if charging stations were more accessible.

This and other findings were based on a study of 10,030 consumers from February through April 2022. Other data included:

  • Homeowners (27%) are more likely to consider EVs than those who rent (17%).
  • People who have been passengers in an EV (24%) are more likely to buy an EV than those who haven’t experienced an EV (11%) at all, while people who have driven an EV (34%) are likely to buy an EV.
  • Premium vehicle owners (37%) are more likely to buy an EV than people who drive mass-market vehicles (21%).
  • Regionally, people who live in the West (31%) report being 'very likely’ to consider an EV as opposed to Southerns (26%), Northeasterners (22%), and Midwesterners (22%).

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