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Autoleap, all-in-one cloud-based shop management software, helps auto repair shops build customer trust, speed up shop efficiency, and accelerate revenue growth.

It’s not very often that a software company can say that they are responsible for a 500-percent revenue increase for an auto repair shop within just one year. But for AutoLeap, an all-in-one cloud-based shop management software, this isn’t unheard of.

Syed Kazmi, owner of CarTronics Auto Repair in Elgin, Illinois, and Steve Rodriguez, owner of Steve and Sons Auto Repair in Melbourne, Florida, have both realized significant growth using the many features of AutoLeap.

“I’m truly lucky to have found AutoLeap,” Kazmi says. “Once I saw their software, how smooth and intuitive it was, I realized I need this now, so I can grow immediately.”

Build Trust Through Communication

Nothing strengthens a repair shop like trust. In an industry bogged down by the misconception of being deceitful, customers will stay with a shop that has proven their intentions through clear and transparent communication. Rodriguez and Kazmi both know this, and their teams have worked to build a reputation focused on establishing trust to push back against the industry’s negative stereotype.

“It’s one percent (of auto mechanics) that makes us all look bad,” Rodriguez explains. 

AutoLeap allows shops to send images and videos to customers as a way to educate the vehicle owners on what needs repairs on their vehicle.

“Photographs are very powerful marketing tools,” Kazmi says. “Once you take pictures of that damaged component or that nasty oil leak... attach it to their written estimate and send it off to them digitally, they see those pictures on their phone. The pictures themselves make the sale. I don’t have to explain any further.”

Other customer communication through Autoleap includes automated appointment reminders and text notifications to accept, defer, or decline the repair solution. This creates a convenient experience for customers.

“We’re communicating with you (customers) all along the way, but AutoLeap does it for us,” Rodriguez adds.

Kickstart High Efficiency

AutoLeap not only helps to build a relationship with the customers, but also works to speed up the shop’s efficiency—allowing the team to work faster and service more vehicles. 

“I’m probably spending about an hour less per customer,” Steve says, since using AutoLeap. “Which flips around to spending an hour more on your car or another customer’s car.”

Kazmi also praises AutoLeap for helping him increase his shop’s efficiency, and ultimately aiding in CarTronics Auto Repair landing more fleet clients.

“Before, I could only handle 10 trucks a month,” he says. “Now, I can handle 80 to 90 trucks a month. I was able to service my customers, get the invoice sent to their AP departments, and get paid in a timely manner. They were like, ‘Wow, how efficient! This guy can get an estimate, get it approved, and get it repaired within a matter of one day.’

Become a Profit Powerhouse

When initially choosing a software provider, Kazmi considered one important question: “Is this going to generate more profit for me?” And he says that yes, hands down, AutoLeap continues to deliver on that promise.

“In one year of using AutoLeap, my revenue literally grew by 500 percent,” he says. “AutoLeap is an integral part of my company.”

Rodriguez has also experienced immense growth since using AutoLeap, partially due to him raising his shop’s labor rate.

“AutoLeap actually helped me adjust my labor rate,” he says. “I realized how cheap I was after I

talked to other people. AutoLeap helps me see all the numbers.”

But beyond the labor rate, Steve and Sons has been able to grow in profit because of how much additional time the team can spend on fixing vehicles rather than managing the now automated administrative tasks.

“Since signing on with AutoLeap, I’ve been able to decrease the amount of time I spend on administrative tasks by more than 40-50 percent. This translates into us servicing more vehicles and earning more profit.”

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