How NAPA TRACS is Unlocking Productivity with Smarter Parts Ordering

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Just after the recent release of the NAPA TRACS and PartsTech integration mid-last year, thousands of users are now taking advantage of the innovative partnership.

“A majority of NAPA TRACS Enterprise customers have set up the PartsTech integration and have successfully been utilizing the update,” Jon Luttrell, GM of NAPA TRACS sales, explains.

For those who missed the news, the industry’s top shop management system launched their partnership with PartsTech in 2021 as a way to offer owners a central spot to manage their shops and order parts however they choose. PartsTech is a popular online ordering system helping busy shops find what they need fast. With PartsTech, customers can search from multiple vendors in one quick look-up.

Not only has the integration helped to attract new customers to NAPA TRACS, but it has also increased user retention–offering an exciting element previously missing from the system.

Seamless Integration

PartsTech allows users to directly integrate parts and tire ordering from multiple industry vendors into work orders through NAPA TRACS. Partnering the two is as easy as signing up for the web-based parts ordering platform and then plugging your credentials into the shop management application. 

When a service writer hits the PartsTech button on the system, he or she is directed to the PartsTech catalog, where they can find what they need quickly and easily. The platform shows live inventory, local availability, and wholesale pricing across multiple vendors in one look-up.

“Users can see costs and availability from their servicing vendors right through the platform,” Luttrell says. “The advisor can then place the parts directly on the repair order.”

From there, NAPA TRACS pricing profiles takes over, so the owner can make their desired profit based on the acquisition cost. 

One-Stop Efficiency 

PartsTech stands out from the competition by allowing users to easily–and quickly–compare vendors through one singular lookup. 

“This has truly been a phenomenal integration, and the PartsTech team has been great to work with,” Luttrell notes.

Shops are able to add and configure how their local vendors appear, drawing from PartsTech’s network of over 29,000 industry vendors across the country. And when saving precious repair time is more important than ever, combining the many possible searches in one spot greatly speeds up efficiency and helps to pull more vehicles through the shop faster. 

“Once the advisor searches for their needed part, they can simply click from one tab to the next in order to view each individual vendor in the same spot,” Luttrell explains. “The results show the availability and price right on the screen, so users know that what they are quoting is in stock and ready to go.”

Growing Partnership

The PartsTech integration is now free to all NAPA TRACS Enterprise customers. NAPA TRACS Legacy customers can also upgrade to Enterprise at no cost to access PartsTech through the system.

Although the partnership between the shop management system and parts ordering platform is less than a year old, the duo has been praised by shop owners across the country for helping them to save time and aid in their growing successes. Terry Fleming at Vic Williams Tire and Auto in Dallas, GA, says “the PartsTech integration inside of TRACS saves me a lot of time. I eliminated having five different browsers open with one PartsTech lookup.” 


“Customers have been blown away by the PartsTech adoption,” Luttrell says. “A significant number of users are using PartsTech, but there's also a large number of customers who haven't touched it yet. Whether because they don't know it's there, or because they haven’t taken the time to click the button to see what the value is–but we invite them to try.”

Luttrell mentions that this partnership is just the beginning, and shop owners should look forward to the future of the software duo.


“We see PartsTech as a best-in-class catalog company that we are excited to continue to work with in the future,” he says. “We will continue to work heavily with them as they bring more features to the industry so we can be the first to adopt them.”

To learn more about PartsTech, as well as the NAPA TRACS integration, visit You can find out more about NAPA TRACS at

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