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With Google literally in our back pocket, more and more people are relying on Google results over word-of-mouth when choosing an auto shop to go to. Making sure your website is effective and easy to use can determine whether a client chooses you over a competitor. The world of website management and digital marketing can seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry, the experts at Leads Near Me are here to help.

In order to build an effective website, you first have to understand what elements are most important. Ratchet+Wrench sat down with Rachel Bordeaux, Design Development Manager, and Jason Nimer Digital Marketing Manager and Lead SEO, from Leads Near Me to talk about the steps that go into creating an effective website. 


“The website is like a tool. It's part of a bigger ecosystem,” says Bordeaux. “It's like the engine that makes things run when we set up the website. The pages, the services (and) the content is based on Google campaigns, data, search terms, (and) keywords. When we write content, we already have in mind what the customers are looking for. When we build the websites, the content that we put on the websites is built around the Google campaigns. It's just that we're doing it backwards because of all the data, all the keywords, (and) search terms that we have.” 

Making use of these keywords helps you get the most out of your money by making Google work for you. 

“(We know) what people are searching for,” says Nimer. “Your average Joe is going to search if his car's broken, for ‘auto repair near me’, not ‘my alternator is broken. Who do I bring my car to?’ We use that in constructing exactly how the websites are worded. And since we are in a business that is really hyperlocal that town name, that city name, that county name all become very important when it comes to building out just what those pages say”

Original content

Along with understanding what keywords to use, it is also important that the content on your site is original. 

“Key words are purposely chosen and written in the content for that customer and its unique, original content,” explains Bordeaux. “Google does not like duplicate content. So it's original, unique content. Google connects the dots with all those keywords between the SEO website in the ads, so those same keywords are used in the Google ad campaigns. When Google says they see those keywords, they say, ‘hey, those keywords are also on the website on this page.’ So that gives them a higher quality score (and) it makes Google rank the ad better.”

User friendly

Leads Near Me follows a ‘3-Click-Rule’. Within 3 clicks, anyone should be able to get wherever they’re going. This is key when it comes to keeping customers on your page. Your phone number, address, and appointment times should be most prominent on your website. All of these should be available on the homepage to keep navigation as simple as possible.

Why choose Leads Near Me?

Leads Near Me provides personalized, responsive, and affordable website management provided by experts in the field you can trust. 

  • Personalized
    “We're always making sure that everything is  tuned just so, so that we're bringing in the leads, we're bringing in those phone calls,” says Nimer. “Other companies might set up a website and sit back and just let it run. That's not what we do here. We really keep our hands on this stuff at all times. The team here actually does care about how our clients do.”
  • Responsive
    Any website changes needed can be done within 24 hours. Most clients are in contact with Leads Near Me on a daily basis and always have a monthly check in with someone in the shop.
  • Affordable 
    Leads Near Me crafts each website to get the most out of your money and make Google work for you. Website design is a one time fee with a yearly hosting fee. 

With personalized, affordable website design, it's easy to see why customers love working with Leads Near Me.


"It's like someone turned on a light switch." 

Kevin Roth - Kevin's Auto Repair Service 

Swoyersville, PA 

"Hands down the best web company I have ever worked with." 

Rick Kersey - Accurate Auto 

Lake Oswego, OR 

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