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If there was something you could do to thank your customers for their business and reward them just for being a shop customer —and doing so wouldn’t cost you anything—would you be interested? Who wouldn’t be, right?

Well, there is a way. With SiriusXM’s FREE Service Lane for Shops Program, shops nationwide can offer the widest variety of entertainment to their eligible customers in and out of the car. All eligible customers with SiriusXM-equipped vehicles will be offered 3-month Platinum Trial Subscriptions as a thank-you from your shop. And, if your customer’s vehicle is not equipped with a satellite radio SiriusXM will also offer all who are eligible, a 3-month SiriusXM streaming subscription.  With over 165 channels in the car and 450 channels on the SXM App plus online, there’s something for every interest level imaginable including premium channels featuring Howard Stern and sports programming from every league and city, new original and exclusive podcasts plus all of their regular favorites, personalized stations powered by Pandora, and so much more!.


There are over 8,000 shops and 18,000 automotive dealerships nationwide currently participating in the Service Lane for Shops Program and over 146 million SXM-equipped vehicles on the road in the United States.

Shops who enroll in this program can offer customers a FREE 3-month trial subscription to the SiriusXM Platinum Plan as a ‘Thank You’ for visiting their shop. It’s completely FREE for the shop and FREE for their customers and SiriusXM will not ask for a credit card. By enhancing the customer experience, businesses will garner more loyalty, more five-star reviews and more referrals. Sounds too good to be true but take it from shop owner Kulkaran “K” Dhillon who said:

“I think one of the big things is adding value.  You have to give a customer value to come back to your shop. I thought the SiriusXM partnership was a no-brainer because we’re adding more value to the customer’s experience,” - Kulkaran “K” Dhillon of Dhillon Motorsports in San Jose, CA.

Loyalty is perhaps the most valuable attribute in a customer and with so many options out there, companies work to provide the best service to their patrons as a way to invest in their business’s financial health and future success. 

“We’re all about customer service and making the customer happy. The sign on our shop might say we’re in the automotive repair business, but we’re really in the people business because we believe that if we take care of people and their cars and keep their families safe, then they’re going to keep coming back to us,” said Mari Holtkamp, who has been running Brad Holtkamp Automotive with her husband Brad for the past 25 years in Mount Pleasant, IA.

The Holtkamps signed up for SiriusXM’s Service Lane for Shops Program two years ago and it’s been a welcome addition ever since. 

How it All Works

Complete the SiriusXM Service Lane for Shops Program online enrollment form at SiriusXMforShops.com and you’ll be contacted to confirm and set up your enrollment. Once your shop is set up, SiriusXM does the rest. No credit card required. No extra effort from the shop. No kidding!

This offer immediately sets the tone for the kind of trusting relationship auto repair shops want to build with their customers: a partnership.

Through the SiriusXM Service Lane for Shops Program, businesses can show customers their appreciation for their support and customers can, in turn, demonstrate their gratitude by remaining committed clients of their local repair shop. 

Getting Started

Complete the SiriusXM Service Lane for Shops Program online enrollment form (SiriusXMforShops.com). SiriusXM will take care of the set up and that’s it! If you have questions about this program or need help with enrollment, e-mail SiriusXM at: SiriusXMforShops@siriusxm.com or call them at 1-833-384-5046.


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