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Podium Webinar: 7 Ways to Use SMS to Increase Customer Engagement for Auto Services

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 Customer engagement with your auto service business is critical— it impacts everything from revenue to reviews. But many auto service businesses struggle to increase engagement with existing customers and start conversations with prospects. Stop wasting time with tactics that don’t work. Instead, implement the most preferred customer communication channel, proven to also increase engagement. 

Join us in this free webinar as we delve into the 7 ways you can use SMS to increase customer engagement for auto services. You’ll walk away with texting best practices and ideas on how you can use SMS to build and nurture relationships with your customers. 

In this webinar you’ll learn:
  1. Why texting actually works to increase customer engagement 
  2. How to personalize texting to create a better auto service customer experience 
  3. Where to add texting in your customer journey for the most impact

Webinar:  7 Ways to Use SMS to Increase Customer Engagement for Auto Services

Date: July 13, 2022

Time: 12:00pm CT





Zach Williams Headshot.pngZach Williams

Podium, Senior Partner ManagerMatt Lyman.png

Matt Lyman

Podium, AE Team Lead  


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