The Autel Maxiim KM100 Package comprises the KM100 key generating and immobilizer programming tablet and two ikeys

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The IKEY is Autel's new programmable universal Smart Key. 

The sleek, 5.5-inch Wi-Fi touchscreen tablet can program the IKEY to replace the Smart Keys for more than 700 vehicles, including those made by Hyundai, Nissan, Chrysler, General Motors, and select BMW, Audi, and Volkswagens. Authorized technicians can use the KM100 to program the key in about a minute and, via the included Bluetooth vehicle communication interface (VCI), learns the key to the vehicle. The KM100 kit consists of two IKEYs. The IKEY is available in more than 30 designs. It comes with two to seven-button configurations that support different vehicle functions, such as trunk release, remote start, panic, air suspension, and convertible top. OE- like styles are offered in the IKEY's Premium and Razor lines.

In addition to Key Generation with the IKEY, the KM100 can read/write and clone transponders, supports immobilizer learning via OBD for 90 percent of vehicle brands, detect and read frequency, and supports Key Learning for 36 vehicle brands and Transponder editing for 20 supported protocols. ID63/ID83 conversion is also supported. Advanced immobilizer functions include read/display of IMMO system information such as ECU, VIN, and Pin code. Special functions include Ignition Coil detection and key unlock (including the Toyota Smart unlocking function).

The tablet's VINScan feature enables rapid vehicle identification. The tablet features a Rocketchip PX30 quad-core processor, 2G RAM, 64 GB storage memory, offers eight to 10 hours of continuous use on a single charge, an 8 MP camera, and runs on Android 9. Software is free for the life of the tool and is available via Wi-Fi.

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