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Duralast Starting and Charging.

Duralast began in 1986 and has grown to be one of the leading brands in the aftermarket, known for being a reliable, profitable alternative to OE for the professional. Strict standards, testing, and quality control measures ensures all Duralast parts deliver OE quality and performance, or better - innovating to fix known OE flaws. Covering over 20 part categories with 91% avg. coverage of vehicles on the road, Duralast is the most chosen parts brand by professionals in the automotive aftermarket.*

Duralast Starters and Alternators are designed for OE performance or better, 100% triple-tested, at the component, sub-assembly, and end-unit levels, ensuring OE or better amperage and torque output.

The Duralast units are remanufactured not rebuilt - all wear components are replaced with 100% new ones, as well as new sub-assemblies. The Duralast Gold are 100% new Starters and Alternators, for maximum life and performance. Select Duralast units come with a new shield that prevents oil from dripping in, to overcome the OE challenge.

All Duralast Starters and Alternators, and Duralast ProPower Batteries, all come with a FREE Nationwide Warranty and 5-Point Roadside Assistance, so you can install confidently. Duralast ProPower Batteries are an installer-only line of batteries, extreme tested to deliver OE or better cranking amps and reserve capacity for any power need. All Duralast Batteries are made with a unique full-framed stamped power grid, to resist shorts and improve charging- 70% better electrical flow and 66% more corrosion resistance than standard grids. New to the line – the Duralast ProPower EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) – is engineered with proprietary carbon additives for faster recharge and consistent power on device-hungry modern vehicles, with increased cycle life 1.5 times more than conventional batteries. Stocking and On-Demand Delivery offered for shops

For more details on Duralast and other hard part OE alternatives visit DuralastParts.com 

* Source: Proprietary Consumer Study of Automotive Aftermarket Parts Conducted by The NPD Group, 2019.

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