Shop Owners React to California's Zero-Emission Vehicle Sales Plan

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Sept. 29, 2022—In California, automotive business owners are sharing their thoughts about the statewide plan to reach 100% zero-emission vehicle sales by the years 2035. 

According to KTLA, shop owners in the state have differing opinions. Reuben Salcedo, owner of Reuben’s Automotive in Madera told KTLA he is confident that he can still run a thriving business because of the high amount of ICE vehicles that will still be driven. He also believes that EVs could make the state's electrical grid problems even worse than they already are. 

Richard Young is the owner of Electric Labs auto shop in Fresno, servicing gasoline-powered vehicles. He told KTLA that he is unsure how his business will make the transition, seeing as all that he can replace right now on EVs are the brakes and tires. He is anticipating a significant impact on his business.

The bill, which was signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom last month, will apply this transition in stages. The first step, according to KTLA, is requiring that in four years 35% of new cars sold in the state are EVs. It must be 68% in 2030, with the ultimate goal of 100% by 2035. 

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