Maine Right to Repair Coalition Submits 70,000-plus Signatures

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Jan. 24, 2023—More than 70,000 signatures were submitted for a ballot initiative in Maine that will allow consumers and independent auto repair shops access to information needed to make auto repairs.

The Maine Right to Repair Coalition said that more than 90% of new cars are now equipped to wirelessly transmit diagnostic and repair data that would help independent rapid shops service their customers' vehicles, but this data is only available to auto manufacturers. It’s something the coalition wants to have changed.

“If we don’t do something about ‘Right to Repair’ right now, then what’s going to happen is down the road, these vehicles are gonna have to go back to the dealerships and independent repair shops won’t be able to work on cars. Consumers are at risk of being forced to take their car back to only the dealerships, and not have freedom of choice,” said Tim Winkeler, CEO of VIP Tire and Service and member of the Maine Right to Repair Coalition, told The Center Square.

Maine requires 67,682 signatures to certify the legislation which in turn are validated by the secretary of state. With this threshold is met, the initiative goes to the state and if passed goes into law. If it does not pass, Maine voters will decide the fate of the initiative on their Nov. 2023 ballots.

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