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New Jersey Legislature Votes in Support of Right to Repair

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Jan. 13, 2014—The New Jersey Assembly recently voted in support of Right to Repair legislation that the lawmakers claim will help to “level” car repair prices for consumers.

New Jersey is the latest in a slew of states to propose a Right to Repair bills, Massachusetts and Maine being the most recent.

New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Owners Right to Repair Act requires auto manufacturers to give vehicle owners and independent repair shops access to the same repair information and tools given to dealer repair facilities.

The act is meant to level the playing field as more and more sophisticated cars are introduced into the market, meaning repair shops will find it easier to get items such as software and diagnostic codes for car computers.

The bill stipulates that vehicle manufacturers make such parts and items provided to dealerships available for purchase for current models, all the way back to 2002. Starting in 2018, automakers will also have to make it possible for off-the-shelf personal computers to diagnose vehicles.

The bill still needs to make it through the Senate Commerce Committee to become a reality.

As more and more Right to Repair bills pop up in states around the country, a number of industry associations have voiced their opposition to the law.

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