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Tesla's Reliability Questioned by Consumer Reports

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Aug. 13, 2014—A Consumer Reports analysis published on Monday found that the Tesla Model S has developed a number of "minor problems" and quirks.

During a recent test, Consumer Reports found that the car's center screen died just after 12,000 miles during a 15,743-mile test run, which required a hard reset to restore most of its functions.

Other isues included problems with the trim panels and outside door handles.

Tesla fixed all of the problems and Consumer Reports said that it won't change the car's average rating for predicted reliability until owners replying to its annual survey weigh in.

Overall, Consumer Reports said the car still has "decent reliability" and is one of the best new cars the organization has tested.

Consumer Reports has many company cars at its disposal to test and evaluate, including a Model S, which in recent months has had its fair share of issues, according to an Aug. 12 article.

Click here to see Consumer Reports’ annual reliability report from last year.

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