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The Solution: An electronic shop schedule display that helps the shop’s workflow management.

The Inspiration: H2Oil’s techs were getting caught off guard when appointments came in. Their website has an online scheduling service, but the scheduled services weren’t verbally communicated to the techs. They would be working on a more intensive job when an appointment would come in and they would have to waste time swapping cars in and out of the bay. The shop’s manager, Jeremy Smith, wanted the techs to prepare for these appointments more efficiently.

What It Does: H2Oil Automotive uses Mitchell 1’s ShopKey Pro for shop management. The wall-mounted display is hooked up to Smith’s office computer so he can display the system on the screen where everyone in the shop can see the schedule of upcoming appointments.

This way, Smith says, techs aren’t caught off guard if they haven’t been reminded of an upcoming job. No one has to be reminded at all, in fact. Each tech can see all appointments, right down to the minute.

The screen can also display the front office’s security camera. If the attendant is required to step away from the desk for a short time, the whole shop can keep an eye on the office and immediately tend to a customer if one walks in.

How It’s Made: The 32-inch television was mounted on the wall outside of Smith’s office with an HDMI cable running back into his office to connect to his computer. Smith then streams Mitchell 1’s ShopKey to the display.

The Cost: Smith says he bought the television for $200, the wall mount for $50, and a long HDMI cable for $50. It was installed in less than two hours.

The ROI: H2Oil was able to decrease the time spent on oil changes and other quick jobs because they were better prepared when the appointments came in. Customer satisfaction is up and so is workflow, Smith says.

“I can see a massive increase in shop flow,” Smith says. “[The techs] know what’s coming up. There’s no surprises for them.” It also boosts the techs’ morale when they don’t have to stop in the middle of another job.

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