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Ninety-One Lift Inspectors on Path to Gain ALI Certification

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Dec. 23, 2014—To help accelerate the process and fill the need for Certified Lift Inspectors, the Automotive Lift Institute recently held a five day “all-in-one” training, testing and practical inspection event for 91 candidate inspectors.

The event offered candidate inspectors who had passed the pre-course exam the opportunity to complete all the other certification requirements: an orientation workshop, course examination and 12 practical inspections.

Additionally, participants could attend a full-day study group on Tuesday led by ALI Factory Designated Trainers to prepare for the next day’s exam.

The ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program was created to provide third-party qualification of vehicle lift inspectors and to certify those who demonstrate that they are capable of properly inspecting any type of lift from any manufacturer in accordance with the ANSI standard governing vehicle lift inspection and in support of OSHA’s General Duty Clause, as well as provincial requirements in Canada.

To obtain certification, participants must attend a six-hour orientation workshop, pass a written pre-course exam and final course exam, and properly complete 12 practical lift inspections on a range of vehicle lifts.

“We’re very proud of our manufacturer members for putting together the Five Days to Victory event, and helping more than 90 candidate inspectors down the path to certification,” said Bob O’Gorman, president of the Automotive Lift Institute. “We currently have more than 700 candidates representing more than 450 firms participating in the ALI Lift Inspector Certification program, and we anticipate that up to 350 inspectors will have achieved certification by the end of March 2015.

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