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Snap-on Releases New EVAP Smoke Machine

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Feb. 6, 2014—Snap-on has released the new EVAP Smoke Machine (EELD100A), which uses “Diagnostic Smoke technology” for EVAP testing and other applications, the company announced on Tuesday. 

“With its patented UltraTraceUV non-contaminating dye solution, the new Snap-on EVAP Smoke Machine accurately pinpoints the leaks that smoke alone cannot,” said David Brekke, product manager for Snap-on. “Because the EELD100A allows service technicians to quickly diagnose eight of the top 10 emission diagnostic trouble codes, they will experience increased performance and productivity with each use.”

  • Other features include:
  • Inches of water column gauge for testing vacuum and pressure systems
  • Variable flow control that manually reduces the flow to help pinpoint the exact location of leak
  • Flow meter measures below 0.01 inches
  • Conveniently functions with OEM specified nitrogen, portable CO2 bottle or shop air
  • Smoke solution does not produce an unpleasant odor in the shop
  • Convenient hanger for under car and under hood use
  • Lightweight and compact; it can be stored in large bottom roll cab drawer or hang with optional
  • cover to protect from shop dirt and dust
  • Two-year warranty

Customers can find out more by visiting Snap-on’s website.

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