Redline Detection Releases Exhaust Leak Diagnostic Tool

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Feb. 18, 2015—Redline Detection, an industry provider of OEM-approved diagnostic leak detection equipment, announced on Tuesday the release of its HD PowerSmoke, aimed to protect against carbon monoxide poisoning.

HD PowerSmoke is a diagnostic machine in the heavy duty market that can detect boosted intake or exhaust leaks, pinpoint its location and identify failing components, saving heavy duty truck operators and fleets valuable time, keeping drivers and their passengers safe from dangerous exhaust fumes, and ensuring trucks and buses stay on the road.

For nearly two years, Redline Detection has worked in collaboration with major OEM engineers to design and deploy HD PowerSmoke to every dealership and repair center.

HD PowerSmoke is specifically engineered to apply the precise pressure and volume of vapor needed to test the integrity of HD intake systems and exhaust systems in one quick procedure, with the engine safely off. Redline's patent-pending PowerSmoke Adaptors expand to seal off most every intake or exhaust system with every brand of heavy duty trucks, as well as medium duty.

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