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Ever wonder how we find the shops that fill these pages every month? Have you thought that your business—the one you’ve poured every ounce of effort you’ve got into making it succeed—should be among them? Maybe it should. Maybe it’s time to see your shop in print, to share your story with the rest of the auto service industry. There are several ways to do it.  

The editorial staff here is always on the lookout for great stories. We’re talking with shop leaders, consultants and other industry professionals daily and have articles in the works at all times—months before they make it into the magazine.   

The criteria we’re looking for are fairly simple: Stories that are real, that other shop operators can relate to, that are inspirational, and that get across real strategies shop leaders can use to improve their businesses.  

What section a particular shop leader ends up in depends on the breadth of the story, how focused the strategies are, how great the challenges were, the potential for photos and a variety of other factors.

This month you’ll find a couple of outside-the-box shops. The first found a way to make money from do-it-yourself customers (“The Do-It-Yourself Auto Shop"). The second is a case study on a facility with an unusual business model that combines coffee and auto repair.

You’ll also find a deep-dive article that explores what telematics could mean for the auto service industry, Toolbox stories on becoming a better leader through personality assessment and using skills testing to hire the best candidates. Enjoy the issue and get in touch with your shop’s story. 

Jake Weyer

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