Rotary Lift Introduces LockLight to Automotive Lifts

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Jan. 23, 2015—Rotary Lift introduced on Thursday LockLight, a new lift accessory that shows technicians, shop managers and health/safety inspectors at a glance if a vehicle lift is resting on its locks.

Every time a technician raises a vehicle for service on a lift, standard industry safety practices require that the lift be “lowered to locks” before starting work. To do this, the vehicle is raised to slightly above working height, and then lowered a bit until the lift locks engage. This process relieves the lift’s hydraulic pressure and places the load of the vehicle securely on mechanical safety latches. Doing so reduces the chance of the vehicle freefalling if the lift system fails.

Prior to the introduction of LockLight, the only way to tell if a lift was on its locks was to press the “down” button—if the lift moved, its locks were not engaged.

The LockLight device is approximately 4 square inches with a large light in the center. It is mounted to the lift or the control console (for light-duty inground lifts) and connected to the lift’s hydraulic system. When LockLight detects that the lift’s hydraulic pressure has been relieved, the light in the center turns green, indicating that the lift is on its locks and work can begin.

LockLight (part #FA834 for 110V and part #FA835 for 220V) can be installed on any Rotary Lift two-post or four-post surface lift, or SmartLift inground lift. It is also compatible with other brands of hydraulic lifts.

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