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ASA Announces New Battery Program, AutoZone Partnership

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July 31, 2014—AutoZone, an Automotive Service Association (ASA) member and benefit provider, is now offering a new program for other ASA members called the Starting and Charging Program, the ASA announced Wednesday.

The program offers shops a rack, signage, the company’s new ProPower batteries and battery-testing equipment. The ProPower batteries offer a two-year free replacement guarantee, and are not sold over the counter.

The battery test equipment is made available to ASA members through a tool account with a 12-month extended term. Each sale of qualifying products, like certain batteries, starters and alternators, allows the shop to earn money toward paying off the tester.

“We’re very pleased to bring this national AutoZone program to ASA members,” Dan Risley, ASA president and executive director, said. “Their purchases of batteries, starters and alternators will work concurrently with the pre-existing tiered rebate program enjoyed by so many ASA members. And their customers will appreciate the battery testing services it allows. This makes it a ‘win-win’ for ASA members.”

The program is aimed at encouraging shops to offer complimentary battery testing, which AutoZone estimates could earn a shop about $20,000 a year in sales, as well as build customer loyalty, according to a press release.

Visit for information about the new benefit.

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