Mighty Introduces New 10,000-Mile Protection Oil Filter

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July 8, 2015—Mighty announced on Tuesday that its new Mighty Engine Guard MAX oil filters are available. The MAX oil filters have a full 10,000-mile protection, the company said.

“The ability for full synthetic motor oils to provide longer, and therefore fewer, oil change intervals is great for reducing waste engine oil while still providing sufficient engine lubrication,” said Brad Bradshaw, Mighty’s vice president product management. “However, having these longer change interval capabilities from full synthetic motor oils is only half of the equation, now it becomes absolutely critical you have an engine oil filter that can last throughout a longer oil change interval as well. We’ve been working for many months now to ensure our new Mighty Engine Guard MAX oil filters utilize the proper materials, engineering design and construction techniques to provide a full 10,000 miles of engine protection.”

Key attributes of the Mighty Engine Guard MAX Filter:

  • High-capacity synthetic blend filter media.
  • Silicone anti-drainback valve lasts longer for extended protection against engine dry start.
  • Clinch style steel base plate provides greater burst resistance strength.
  • Spiral-wound center tube provides reinforced internal strength for increased durability.
  • Pressure relief valve, where required by OEM, to prevent oil restriction and ensure oil flow.
  • PTFE sealing gasket for ease of installation and removal.
  • Steel end cap providing integrity to the filter media during cold starts.

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