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ALI Sponsors ‘Five Days to Victory’ Program

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June 25, 2015—Participants in the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) will be given the opportunity to fast-track their certification by attending ALI’s “Five Days to Victory” training, testing and practical inspection event Nov. 1-5 in Las Vegas.

Five Days to Victory helps candidate inspectors who have passed the program’s pre-course exam complete all other certification requirements. During the five-day event, candidates will have the opportunity to attend an orientation workshop, take part in a study session prior to sitting for the course exam and perform all 12 vehicle lift inspections required to complete the practical portion of the program.

“Five Days to Victory condenses what can be a yearlong certification process into just one week,” says R.W. “Bob” O’Gorman, ALI president. “Its accelerated timeline provides a huge opportunity for program participants, since they can satisfy their certification requirements in one place and quickly join the ranks of ALI Certified Inspectors working in the field. The demand for professional lift inspections is growing, and Five Days to Victory helps us efficiently fill the need for inspectors.”

The ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program was created to provide third-party qualification of vehicle lift inspectors and to certify those who demonstrate that they are capable of properly inspecting any type of lift from any manufacturer in accordance with the ANSI standard governing vehicle lift inspection and in support of compliance with OSHA’s General Duty Clause, as well as provincial requirements in Canada. The program is open to inspection companies with employees having a minimum of 12 months experience.

Registration is $60 per participant and includes an ALI branded shirt, safety glasses and a clipboard.

To sign up, call ALI at 607.756.7775. Registration is limited to those who are enrolled in the Lift Inspector Certification Program. Participants must pass the pre-course exam prior to the Las Vegas event.

To learn more about ALI, visit its site.

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