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Honest-1 Auto Care

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Making customers feel that they are appreciated is Honest-1 Auto Care Diffley 77’s top priority, according to operating owner Tom Watson. From the moment customers walk in, they are treated to a warm and welcoming facility meant to feel like home.

“We are really focused on relationships, we try to build trust. If there’s a repair that’s necessary for a vehicle, we’re clear and honest with what needs to be done,” Watson says.

1   Before Honest-1 Auto Care moved in, the building housed another auto shop, so there was not a lot that needed to be changed. In order to make the location more appealing, a seating area was added with a permanent bench. During the warmer months, a full patio set with an umbrella is added for customers to enjoy.

2   The neutral colors and the lack of advertisements make the waiting area warm and inviting to customers. While waiting, customers can enjoy popcorn and coffee.

3   Also in the waiting area, Honest-1 Diffley 77 has the shop’s values, service commitment and company mission on display.

4   For customers with children, the shop has an Xbox with games and an entire chalkboard wall that can be drawn on.

5   Every month, the shop also has themed, coloring contests where children’s work is displayed for everyone to see. The winners of the contest receive a prize, which could be anything from a stuffed animal to a jar of candy, depending on the month.

6   Complimentary Honest-1 comprehensive inspections are provided to customers. As soon as a customer walks in, the service advisor gets the keys to the technician, who pulls the vehicle into the shop as quickly as possible.

7   One of the requirements to be in the Honest-1 Auto Care franchise network is an eco-friendly component. Honest-1 Diffley 77 goes above and beyond the minimum requirements for the franchise and has all LED lighting, high-frequency heating and air conditioning, and eco-friendly solvents for cleaning parts. The shop also recycles engine oil and antifreeze and sells its own line of eco-friendly products in the shop that are used for cleaning chemicals. The eco-friendly line is offered at all Honest-1 Auto Care locations.

8   Another environmentally friendly aspect of the shop is its Prius pickup and drop off car.

9   Every woman who comes into the shop gets a flower, and all customers receive thank you cards in their cars when they leave. The cards let customers know their business is appreciated. Watson says that many customers have taken the time to get out of their cars and say thank you for this.

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