Consumer Website Draws Criticism for Repair Recommendation

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March 17, 2014—, a consumer auto repair advice and car insurance quotes website, recently came under fire for the recommendation of a repair procedure not recommended by OEM repair information. recommended the use of K&W Engine Block Sealer, which can be used to seal a blown gasket.

Site owner Austin Davis said he publicized videos and instructions on the most well-known method of sealing a blown head gasket using K&W, which is not the procedure outlined on the can.

Davis said that while the response from readers has been positive, the response from auto repair business owners has been overwhelmingly negative.

Site moderators have reported numerous comments from mechanics and auto repair businesses that are unhappy with the loss of revenues these techniques could cause their businesses.

Davis said shop owners are unhappy that he is promoting an easy and inexpensive fix. Davis said he believes providing this information is the right thing to do for consumers.

“As an auto repair consumer advocate, it is my responsibility to help my readers to maintain their cars as inexpensively and efficiently as possible, while maintaining a good relationship with their repair providers,” Davis said.

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