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Autoshop Solutions Releases New Marketing Measurement Tool

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March 18, 2015—Autoshop Solutions announced Tuesday the launch of its new Autoshop Autobahn, a platform in which shop owners can manage all of their marketing metrics in one unified reporting tool.

The Autobahn is an upgrade from Autoshop Solutions’ reporting system, combining web analytics, pay-per-click, phone call, and web form statistics in a user-friendly dashboard.

The Autobahn offers transparency into the performance of Autoshop Solutions’ marketing efforts for individual shops. Shop owners can have 24/7 access to the Autobahn, from mobile and desktop devices, so marketing performance can be evaluated at any time.

Shop owners can track pageviews, pay-per-click advertising impressions, call volume, and overall return on investment of their website and marketing budget in the new platform.

“This spring, after a year of intense design and development, the Autobahn is positioned to become the center around which our entire business, and our clients' marketing success, revolves,” Bryan Minihan, Autoshop Solutions chief technology officer and creator of the Autobahn, said in a release. “Put simply, the Autobahn simplifies communications with our clients. It combines all of the marketing information required to drive cars to our clients’ shops into simple, interactive, colorful dashboards. Dashboards are linked together to deliver critical information first, with increasing detail the further you go.”

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