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Brake Parts Inc. Compliant with New State Brake Pad Requirements

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March 11, 2013—Brake Parts, Inc. (BPI) has adopted the Washington Better Brakes Rule that requires a phase-out of copper and other chemical constituents from brake friction materials sold or offered for sale in that state.

BPI also worked with the Brake Manufacturer’s Council to develop the industry-wide Brake Friction Materials Self Certification Program that requires friction material suppliers comply with the applicable legislation, regulations and requirements in Washington and California in a phased approach.

BPI is now fully compliant with Phase 1 of the certification program, which means BPI provided baseline data to NSF International, who then provided the data to the Washington Department of Ecology.

Phase 2 of the new law limits heavy metals such as Cadmium, Chromium, Mercury, Lead and Asbestiform fibers when tested by a third-party lab. This phase will happen in 2014 for Califronia and in 2015 for Washington. BPI says it will meet the second phase of the legislation, as well.

California and Washington are the first states to pass specific laws regulating copper and other substances in brake pads. According to the state of Washington, the copper release_notesd from brake pads can affect sensitive species of algae and salmon.

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