Rotary Lift Releases New Video Series

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May 5, 2015—Rotary Lift announced Tuesday that the latest series of videos for its “Raised in Madison” promotional campaign focuses on five employees in the company’s Madison, Ind., manufacturing and assembly plants. The series is entitled “Men and Women of Steel." 

“Raised in Madison,” launched last year, tells “behind-the-lift” stories of the people who build and support Rotary Lift’s car and truck lifts. The campaign aims to show the pride that Rotary Lift employees have in their work as well as the family atmosphere that the company has, according to a company release.

“Men and Women of Steel” provides a closer look at how the workers got started and what Rotary Lift means to them.

“‘Raised in Madison’ is about the skill and dedication of our people, and how they work together every day to build vehicle lifts that set the industry standard for quality and value,” says Matt Webster, vice president and general manager, the Americas, for Rotary Lift parent company Vehicle Service Group (VSG).

The five people profiled have a combined 137 years of experience at Rotary Lift and include both men and women. The videos tell the stories of a value stream leader, two-post cell coordinator, welder, Smartlift team member and cell coordinator. In the series, they talk about their jobs, products they have built and their co-workers.

“I could walk you through our shop and point out where people take their time to make the best welds that they can on the lift, put the best paint jobs on the lifts, inspect it all the way through the process to make sure they would be proud to get this lift that we produce,” says Phillip Brittain, a value stream coordinator profiled in the series, “I just don’t know that you get that everywhere else.”

The series is available for viewing on the Rotary Lift website

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