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BWD Automotive Launches Subscription for PTS On-Demand Training Program

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Nov. 14, 2014—Standard Motor Products Inc. has introduced an annual subscription package for its BWD PTS On-Demand Training.

PTS On-Demand Training is in its fifth year online and has 12,000 technicians participating in the program. PTS On-Demand Training is available online.

Technicians can order BWD PTS On-Demand by using part #BWD300PRO. The purchase includes unlimited access to all BWD PTS On-Demand courses, as wells as a USB security key and instructions for accessing the annual pass.  

BWD is an aftermarket leader, providing a premium line of engine management products. BWD manufactures and distributes high technology critical components for late model domestic and import vehicles including: DIS control modules, emission components, EGR valves, ignition coil-on-plug coils, ignition wire, fuel injectors and fuel system components, as well as a broad range of sensors, switches and relays.

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