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Rotary Launches New, Narrower Two-Post Lift

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Oct. 9, 2014—Rotary Lift announced on Wednesday the release of its new ATO7 7,000-lb. capacity two-post lift, designed to offer the ability to use a lift in smaller spaces.

The lift features an overall width of just 10 feet 3 inches—14.5 inches less than a traditional two-post lift—and enough lifting capacity to handle the majority of cars on the road.

The ATO7 is designed to provide maximum drive-through space between the columns. Its 92-inch clearance is only three inches narrower than Rotary Lift’s bestselling SPOA10 10,000-lb. capacity two-post lift.

The ATO7 comes with Rotary Lift’s three-stage front arms, which are capable of reaching more manufacturer-recommended pick-up points than standard two-stage arms. The arms accept the same adapters that fit the SPOA10 lift, providing a familiar setup process for technicians who may have used them previously. Stack adapters and storage racks are included with the standard lift package. The ATO7 and SPOA10 two-post lifts also share the same proven power unit, single-point lock release and overhead shutoff bar.

“The ATO7 two-post offers many of the advantages found on larger-capacity two-post lifts, but in a smaller package,” Jim Dirksen, vice president of sales and marketing for Rotary Lift said in a release. “It is ideal for older shops with limited space, second-floor service bays, or facilities that simply don’t need more than 7,000 lbs. of lifting capacity.”

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