Difference Makers

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Do you ever go home at the end of a challenging day wondering how you would ever manage without a particular employee?

Maybe it’s that technician who seems to be able to diagnose the most hidden vehicle problems with little more than a stare and a listen, or the bookkeeper who never misses a cent, the manager who never backs down from a problem and does whatever it takes to put out a fire so you don’t have to. And beyond doing their jobs at the highest level, these employees find ways to improve your operation, to grow your business.

You know the individuals I’m talking about: they are the difference makers. This issue is for them—those who go above and beyond to improve the lives of their colleagues, customers and communities. They are the Ratchet+Wrench All Star Award winners.

Now in its fourth year, our awards program recognizes difference makers in five categories: owner/executive, manager/advisor, administrative support, shop worker, and wild card (open to industry pros who don’t fit into the other categories).

Anyone can nominate by filling out a simple form at ratchetandwrenchawards.com that asks for business achievements, industry and community impact, personal influence and other details that make someone stand out.

Our editorial team carefully reviews all entries, narrows the national pool, interviews nominators and selects the winners featured here. Congratulations to this year’s All Stars.


Jake Weyer, editor

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