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Quick-Spot System: The VioMAX Plus uses a dye system to help technicians spot the origins of  uid leaks in various vehicle systems, including the A/C, coolant, oil and transmission systems.

The Reviewer:


Moffa got his start pumping gas at a local service station at the age of 15. He learned basic automotive skills from the owners and over the years, Mo a earned his ASE, New York State Inspector and NYS ATTP auto tech certi cations, and managed several other shops before he opened Advanced Auto Service. The shop’s current location is the same site of the gas station where he rst learned the ropes of the auto industry 40 years ago. 


The Shop: 

Advanced Auto Service, a family-owned and operated shop in Hicksville, N.Y., opened in 1990. The three-bay shop sees an average of 45 invoices per week. Advanced Auto Service employs two technicians, including owner Ron Moffa’s son, who holds Master GM and Master ASE certifications and graduated from the NASCAR Technical Institute. 


How It Works: 

The VioMAX Plus is used to locate the source of a fluid leak in air conditioning, coolant, oil, transmission, fuel, or air brake systems. Users can scan the VioMAX Plus over the problem area and the origin of the leak will light up. 

VioMAX Plus is smaller than most UV detection lights, weighing just 1.6 oz and measuring only 9 inches in a closed position. When opened, it can extend to 29 inches. To find the leak, users add a small amount of Tracerline fluorescent dye to the leaky system and allow it time to circulate. Once it’s had a sufficient amount of time, users can scan the area with the VioMAX Plus and the leak will glow. 


The Review: 

With leaks becoming more difficult to diagnose due to covers and compact engine compartments, Moffa knew he needed a system that could get into tight spaces that other lights couldn’t.

Depending on the customer, Moffa says his staff sometimes adds the dye and has the customers come back later to find the source if they don’t have the time to wait for it to circulate. Moffa says the shop uses the VioMAX Plus once per week or more during A/C season. 


The Return: 

The VioMAX Plus lamp and dye have helped save his shop time when a vehicle comes in with an oil leak by identifying the source quickly and easily. Before the VioMAX Plus, Moffa says the technicians would have to spend a lot of time cleaning the engine compartment and undercarriage with expensive chemicals. Doing this caused Moffa to stress over environmental runoff and disposal. Now, with the VioMAX Plus, Moffa is able to find the source quickly and cut back on the cost of those chemicals. 

Samuel Tetens, vertical marketing strategist for Spectronics Corp., the maker of the tool, explains that the time it takes to find the leak depends on the area that is being searched, but as soon as the dye has had the opportunity to circulate around the system, the fluorescent dye will glow immediately.

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