Meineke Debuts Connected-Car Product in Las Vegas

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Jan. 6, 2017―In an effort to “meet consumers where they want to be met,” representatives from Meineke traveled to the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas this week, where on Thursday they unveiled a connected-car product that hints at the repair chain’s changing mindset.

Company president Danny Rivera spoke with the media via teleconference, as Meineke debuted the “Revvy” device.

The Revvy is a 4-inch by 2-inch device that plugs into a vehicle’s OBD-II port, connecting it to vehicle diagnostic systems, thus creating a fully connected car. The product, which costs $129.99 for two years of telemetry data, aims to alert drivers of necessary vehicle maintenance, provide deeper insight into vehicle performance, and aid in in-car entertainment. It has been available online for roughly a month, via Meineke’s website.

“The underlying goal here is we really want to get into more of a relationship business with our customers and less of a transactional business,” Rivera told reporters. “A transactional model, that’s in the past. … That’s not how you win in today’s marketplace.

“We believe customers in our space ultimately want three things: They want convenience, they want reliability, and they want transparency. And so the idea behind our Revvy product … is hitting all three of those things.”

The Revvy’s communication is aided by partner company T-Mobile, utilizing its technology and 4G LTE connectivity. In essence, information goes through the 4G network to partner company Vinli’s cloud setup, and then data comes back to the user through his or her cell phone, via a Vinli app or the Meineke app.

Mark Spain, vice president of automotive with Vinli, said during the call that an additional goal of the Revvy product is “extending the service-life of (modern) vehicles to potentially more than 11 years over time,” and helping consumers “potentially avoid costly downstream repairs.”

The device also breaks vehicle coding down into lay terms for users. Rivera said the Revvy facilitates the transparency Meineke strives for.

“So now, when you take your car to Meineke,” Rivera noted, “you can have a knowledgeable experience and a knowledgeable conversation with the technician or the service advisor about what your car’s needs are.”

The product also has the capability of turning a user’s vehicle into a WiFi hotspot.

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