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Xpress Auto Service & Tires

SHOP: Xpress Auto Service And Tires  LOCATION: Coral Springs, Fla. OWNER: Luis Ferrer SIZE: 10,000 square feet
MONTHLY CAR COUNT: 250  ANNUAL REVENUE: Projected $700,000

1) An Informative Wall

The lobby of Xpress Auto Service & Tires has a number of different things hanging on the wall for its customers to look at, including ASE certificates, environmental certifications and a flat-screen TV that runs 200 different auto repair infomercials. The staff can go in and select individual videos if a customer wants to see something specific, like how to change your oil. Ferrer says it’s helped sell more jobs because he can show his customers exactly what is going on.

2) A source of inspiration

Another section of the lobby has a picture frame that says “Cherish, Family, Love.” Ferrer put this on the wall and encouraged his staff of seven to put a picture up of their loved ones as a reminder of why they do what they do.

3) Efficient tire storage

The store sells tires and offers customers "good, better, best" options.The tires are all stored in the shop so that they can be accessed any time a customer needs them. The tires are organized based on which ones need to be most accessible for the shop’s quick-turnaround jobs.

4) A well-designed shop floor

Ferrer set up his shop by dividing his technicians into different specialties. He has two employees dedicated to quick jobs; those technicians have the bays that are closest to the lobby and all of the supplies. The technician who works on heavy-duty repairs is further away.

5) Digital Communication

The staff at Xpress uses technology whenever possible. All of the staff members have their own iPads to keep the service advisor and customer in-touch with what is going on. Continual customer updates have helped the shop maintain a 4.9 rating on Yelp.

6) Remote service

The shop recently purchased a van to do mobile repair. Before the van, the shop would drive its own vehicles to pick up customers that were unable to make it to the shop. The main purpose for the van was for its fleet customers, but Ferrer realized he could also use it as way to improve customer satisfaction.

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