Volvo Exec: Diesel Engines Obsolete by 2020

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Diesel Engines

March 13, 2017—Volvo chief executive Håkan Samuelsson revealed at the Geneva Motor Show that after the year 2020, diesel engines are likely to become obsolete.

“We have to make a diesel engine with same NOx as a petrol engine, and while that can be done, it will be more expensive, which is why in the long term it's a negative thing,” he said. 

According to Samuelsson, diesel engines will play an important part in meeting CO2 fleet requirements but beyond that, could become obsolete. 

Volvo is planning on introducing its first all-electric car to the market in 2019 and believes that by 2025, it will have an electric version of all of its models.

“Until 2020 diesel will continue to have a very important part to play. After that twin engine (hybrid) and all electric cars will become more favourable cost-wise, and when the requirement comes down below 95g/km, I am quite sure the diesel engine cannot help us,” he told Autocar magazine.


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