Minnesota Meineke Donates Vehicle

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March 17, 2017—On March 18, Columbia Heights and Ham Lake Meineke owners Mark and Barbara Koloff will join Cars for Neighbors to give away its 1,000th vehicle to a single mother of four.

Cars for Neighbors is an organization that helps community residents who can’t afford the transportation that they need. The car will be given away at the Ham Lake, Minn., location.

“Because of supporting shops like Meineke, we can help families enjoy a new lease on life,” stated Jim Huff, Cars for Neighbors executive director. “Their kids go to school with your kids, they sit next to you at worship service, and they stand next to you in the checkout line at the store. This is not an obscure group somewhere, they are truly our neighbors.”

Through partnerships, Meineke has helped repair more than 325 vehicles, some of which were then donated to families without vehicles.

“It makes you feel good to help people out. It’s about helping the community. It’s a very good relationship and we’re glad to be a part of it,” said Mark Koloff, owner of Meineke in Columbia Heights and Ham Lake. “And is it good for business? Absolutely! We want to be known as a generous company. I don’t think there’s any doubt of that.”

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