Ofinno Announces Vehicle Communications Patent Portfolio

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March 27, 2017—Ofinno Technologies LLC, a wireless technology company, announced the availability of a standard essential Vehicle Transmission System patent portfolio through TransactionsIP.

The Vehicle Transmission System patent portfolio contains two issued U.S. patents and one U.S. application for secure collection and communication of automobile sensor data. Sensors monitor automobile conditions such as speed, brake action, traveled distance, and location. The collected data is protected by encryption on automatically uploaded to a server using a cellular network after the occurrence of an event.

“Our passion is bringing teams of PhD experts to innovate the next generation of mobile wireless communication technologies,” said Esmael Dinan, Ofinno’s chief executive officer. “Our team provides innovative solutions to new problems. This portfolio addresses problems in the new field of Vehicle to Network communications essential to autonomous vehicle systems.”

This portfolio is “standard essential” to vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications standardized in the LTE-Advanced Pro technology standard. This is the standard that automobile and cellular communications industries have agreed to use when equipping automobiles to communicate with each other and the world.

The portfolio is offered for sale by TransactionsIP, a property patent brokerage and consulting firm.  

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