OTC Releases Diagnostics Software Update

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April 20, 2017—OTC has announced the release of Bravo 2.9, the latest updated to its diagnostic software for the Encore. The update includes new features as well as additions in diagnostic capabilities and increased vehicle coverage. In total the release adds coverage for 656 new systems and 2,240 new vehicle-ECU combinations.

Key enhancements include the ability to share and edit previously saved and auto-navigate the “View Saved Tests” feature to the location where AST/ASDTC/DTC share reports are saved.

The VIN entry screen has also been updated to only allow input of valid characters while also disabling auto text suggestions for easier inputs. Technicians can now pick which data items to load with the addition of a new custom data stream support within special tests.

Additional features of the Bravo 2.9 software enhancements include:

  • Additional coverage for the Ford MAF Sensor Confirmation Test: Ford Power Balance 2006-2016 now functions on cold start-up
  • Added coverage for important GM SRS/BCM tests such as passenger presence sensor, re-zero passenger presence system and more
  • Expanded coverage for Nissan 2003-2015 MY for camera, cruise control, driver assist and other types of controllers
  • Toyota steering angle adjustment
  • Improved VW/Audi data stream groups added for many vehicles and systems

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