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Shop View: Go Greene Automotive

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SHOP: Go Greene Automotive  LOCATION: Austin, Texas OWNER: Brad Updegraff and William Saunders of Haymaker Auto Group SIZE: 8,700 square feet  MONTHLY CAR COUNT: 360  ANNUAL REVENUE: $1.45 million

1) Not Just A Clever Name

Jason Hickock, manager at Go Greene Automotive, says that South 1st Street—the street the shop is located on—has a unique culture that’s home to many artists and music festivals. When the shop was built, it was important not only that it fit into the look and feel of the neighborhood, but also got across the message that the shop is environmentally friendly. The green and black color scheme was used to convey the eco-friendly aspects of the shop.


2) An Appealing Presence

When the staff moved into the current location, Hickock says that they hired a customer from its previous location, graphic designer Cody Holton, to design the graphics for the outside of the building. The look of the shop now blends in perfectly on a city block filled with murals. Hickock adds that one customer actually came into the shop and said that the look of the building convinced him to move to Austin. 

“He said he had been thinking about it, but when he saw how much time and effort a mechanical repair shop put into its appearance, he was convinced this was the place he wanted to live,” Hickock says. 


3) Do Your Part

Before the shop was purchased by the Haymaker Auto Group, Hickock says it was important to the previous shop owner to be on the cutting edge when it came to sustainable practices. That mentality has remained through the leadership change. 

“If everyone does their part and puts in a little extra effort, it can make a big difference,” Hickock says.

The staff sorts everything by hand and recycles anything they can. The shop has 10 recycling bins and only two trash cans and hired an outside company to pick up cardboard and leftover scrap metal. In addition, the shop switched out its drinking cups to compostable cups and switched to 100 percent recycled fiber floor mats.


4) Hybrid Appeal

The shop has four loaner cars available for its customers. Three of those are Toyota Priuses and one is a Ford Escape hybrid. Hickock says the hybrid loaner vehicles are another way to market the shop’s environmentally friendly brand. He estimates that 30 percent of the vehicles the shop sees are hybrids.


5) Getting Around

During the summer, the shop offers two electric bikes—in addition to the loaner cars—from Rocket Electrics to its customers. Instead of waiting at the shop, customers can check the bikes out and ride them around town. Hickock says that the owner of Rocket Electric is a customer of the shop and thought the partnership would be a mutually beneficial advertising opportunity.

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