New Tesla Video Details Service Expansion Plan

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July 20, 2017—Tesla released a new video revealing how they plan to expand and improve their automotive services, according to Futurism.

The company’s electric vehicles will feature over-the-air software updates and remote diagnostic features, which, according to the video, will be able to identify 90 percent of vehicle issues.

Tesla is also hoping to employ mobile technicians who will be able to take the shop to the car instead of vice versa. Additionally, if a car does need to be brought in for repairs or maintenance, drivers can make appointments through a feature in the vehicle itself. Tesla is committing to streamlining the service center experience, promising that services will be four times faster than conventional repair shops.

Automatic check-in and optimized repair flow will make services “quick and seamless—and likely [to] be complete before you finish your coffee,” according to the written explanation accompanying the video.

Tesla’s decision to build 100 more optimized service centers is part of a wider strategy to create the infrastructure necessary to fully integrate electric, autonomous vehicles into the future. According to Elon Musk, the vision of Tesla service revealed in the video represents “the very near future, not, like, the far away future.”


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