Toyota Preparing Solid-State Battery for Long-Range Electric Cars

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Aug. 1, 2017—Toyota is working on a solid-state battery to power its new electric car, according to Drive Spark. The new technology will reduce the charging time and significantly increases the driving range.

Toyota is planning to commercialise the solid-state batteries by 2020. These batteries can be charged in just a few minutes. The new electric car equipped with the solid-state battery will be based on an all-new platform.

Currently, electric vehicles are equipped with lithium-ion batteries which takes minimum 30 minutes to charge with fast chargers. These batteries will deliver a range of around 300-400km.

Solid-state batteries use solid electrolytes as opposed to the liquid electrolytes used in the lithium-ion batteries. This makes the solid-state battery safer as compared to the lithium-ion battery.

Toyota has decided to launch the new electric car with the solid-state battery by 2022. The automaker is looking to close the gap to its rivals in electric vehicle segment. Nissan and Tesla are leading the EV segment around the globe.


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