Technology Advisory Firm Tackles Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Issues

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Oct. 17, 2017—InTu Mobility, a technology advisory firm that specializes in helping companies transport and track goods, announced today the launch of its new DIESEL I.O. Intelligent Optimization solution for heavy-duty diesel engines.

The intelligent optimization solution was created by the nation’s top master mechanics and designed to eliminate complex diesel engines issues caused by emission control features and specifically aftertreatment systems. 

Emission control features and aftertreatment systems added to diesel engines have been causing significant problems and soaring maintenance costs for trucking companies since 2007, when the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) mandated stringent standards to reduce emissions from on-road heavy-duty trucks and buses.

OEMs are still routinely working to service fleet for plugged DPF (diesel particulate filters), premature turbo / EGR failure and constant checked engine lights, problems caused by aftertreatment issues.

Diesel I.O. Intelligent Optimization combines diesel engine software with unconventional calibration methods and training, to offer mechanics, a resolution that eliminates aftertreatment issues, provides predictive maintenance analysis, improves fuel efficiency and is 100 percent EPA compliant.

InTu Mobility is kicking-off the launch of Diesel I.O. by offering $500 off its Diesel I.O. Pilot Program now through Dec. 31.

Participants are under no obligation to purchase the technology if they do not see a significant savings after the 30-day evaluation. 

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