Advanced LiDAR for Autonomous Vehicles to be Tested in South Korea

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Nov. 27, 2017—Velodyne LiDAR Inc., a company that develops 3-D vision systems for autonomous vehicles, announced that it is partnering with Unmanned Solution (UMS) of South Korea to integrate its advanced LiDAR sensors into UMS’ expansive autonomous technology development program.

UMS’ autonomous program represents a broad spectrum of activities, including on-road vehicles, agricultural equipment, robots, and autonomous systems integration, as well as the development of an instructional platform for educational programs serving students studying autonomous and robotics technology.

The company has deployed over 100 autonomous vehicles in South Korea thus far with more planned, all outfitted with varying combinations of Velodyne’s VLP-16, HDL-32, and HDL-64 LiDAR sensors.

With its growing test fleet, UMS is working to develop car control and sensor fusion technologies for safety systems and autonomous vehicles that will usher in new levels of road safety.

“With its focus on the proliferation of autonomous technology across work and everyday life, including educational platforms that train tomorrow’s engineers, UMS is helping to bring about a revolution in how people interact with technology,” said Wei Weng, Asia regional director, Velodyne LiDAR. 

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