CAR Industry Briefing to Cover Automated Driving System Trends

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Jan. 26, 2018—CAR’s next industry briefing, on Feb. 15, 2018, will be focused on Artificial Intelligence Applications to Driver Assistance and Vehicle Automation at Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Mich.

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Many players in the automotive sector are increasingly pursuing artificial intelligence (AI) as the central feature of their automated driving systems (ADS). Effectively, these AI systems are being developed to take over the traditional role of the human driver in automated vehicles.

While even top experts in the field often disagree about how to define artificial intelligence, understood most broadly, AI includes all possible approaches to simulate the actions of a rational, intelligent agent (such as a person).

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more and gain greater insight into how Toyota, Conti, NVIDIA, SRI, and Quantum Signal, are leading in developing AI.



Dr. David J. Atkinson

Head, Systems & Technology and

Chief Research Scientist – Artificial Intelligence

Chassis and Safety Division

Silicon Valley Research & Development Center

Continental Corporation


Dr. William S. Mark

President, Information and Computing Sciences

SRI International


Dr. Mitchell M. Rohde

Chief Executive Officer

Quantum Signal LLC


Bill Veenhuis

Sr. Solution Architect – CAE

NVIDIA Corporation


Dr. Ryan Wolcott

Manager, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

Toyota Research Institute


Moderated by:

Eric Paul Dennis, P.E.

Senior Transportation Systems Analyst

Center for Automotive Research

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