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Casey’s Automotive
A virtual shop tour of Casey’s Automotive.

SHOP: Casey's Automotive  LOCATION: Sterling, Va. and Chantilly, Va,   OWNER/S: Bryan Jewett  SIZE: 7,200 square feet for Chantilly; 6,800 square feet for Sterling STAFF SIZE: 13 (both)  AVERAGE MONTHLY CAR COUNT: 454 (Chantilly) 200 (Sterling) ANNUAL REVENUE: $2.5 million (Chantilly); $500,000 (Sterling)

1. A Welcoming Environment:

Bryan Jewett, owner of Casey’s Automotive, splits his days at the two locations. His wife, Mary Jewett, designed each shop waiting room to model a mix of Starbucks and Magnolia Home by designer Joanna Gaines. To tie the shop’s family history to the design, Mary, the shops’ business manager, hung up pictures of her grandparents sitting on top of an old truck. She hopes to continue adding photos of her employees, their families and various vehicles. The whole design process for each shop took roughly one month.


2. Arranging Around the Space:

For any parents who bring their children to the shop, their kids can be entertained with a chalkboard and game area in the corner of the “living room.” For the Chantilly location, Mary was able to add a separate kids area, but due to the Sterling location only having one large room, she added a chalkboard to emphasize the kids spot. Bryan and Mary take turns writing notes on the chalkboard under the front desk in order to showcase tire specials or pictures depicting the current season.


3. A Friendly Surprise

For customers who are in the know and are comfortable with pets, each shop location has a hidden surprise behind the front counter. When asked by a customer, the shops’ dogs will come from around the counter and greet them. Rudy is the Jewett’s dog that was adopted from Fairfax County Animal Shelter.


4. Partnering to Find Business:

What sets Jewett’s production apart from other shops is a tinted window repair area. The shop partnered with VA Tint to set up a booth in house. Not only does this add an extra service for customers without leaving the shop, Jewett and his partner also receive client referrals from each other’s service.


5. Helping the Local Community:

The shop also displays a donation basket for Ellie’s Hats, a charity that donates hats and money to children diagnosed with cancer. The Jewetts met the owner, Jay, through their children’s school event and decided to leave a basket in the shop for a place for customers to donate. In 2017, they hosted their annual car show at the Chantilly location and raised roughly $4,000. The shop donates money to help families who need car repairs and are struggling with medical bills.


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