Goodyear Reveals 'Living Tire' Concept at Geneva

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March 7, 2018—On Tuesday, Goodyear introduced the concept version of a tire that would integrate living moss to improve air quality, USA Today reports.

Living moss in the tire’s sidewall allows the tire to absorb moisture through its tread, inhaling carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen into the air. It also has the ability to harness energy created during photosynthesis to power sensors, artificial intelligence and a light strip that uses different colors to alert drivers and pedestrians to the vehicle’s maneuvers.

The concept tire, called Oxygene, debuted at the Geneva Motor Show, where auto companies show off a variety of futuristic technologies.

While it’s unclear if the Oxygene will ever become a reality, Goodyear bragged that the tire demonstrates potential and environmental leadership.

"Like the concept designs Goodyear has presented at Geneva in the past, Oxygene is meant to challenge our thinking and help drive the debate around smart, safe and sustainable future mobility," said Chris Delaney, president of Goodyear's Europe, Middle East and Africa markets, in a statement. "By contributing in this way to cleaner air generation, the tire could help enhance quality of life and health for city-dwellers."

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