New John Bean V2100 Wheel Alignment System Released

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March 12, 2018—The new John Bean V2100 Wheel Alignment System has been released, which the company says is a great way for shops to increase their wheel alignment business.

One of the unique offerings of the new John Bean V2100 Wheel Alignment System is the VIN scanner that allows the user to have immediate access to vehicle history. This optional feature allows the user to easily find the VIN number and starts the alignment process automatically.

Two additional patented features available with the John Bean V2100 include the Vehicle Orientation Directional Indicator (VODI) that guides the technician through the measuring process and the EZ-TOE that turns the front wheel and helps access difficult adjustment points during the alignment while still displaying centered toe readings.

“Utilizing advanced imaging technology, our new John Bean V2100 reduces setup and measurement times and provides more accurate alignments,” said Adam Brown, product manager for John Bean. “With several efficiency enhancing features exclusive to the V2100, this new John Bean aligner is unlike others on the market today. Equipped with the latest software, the V2100 will deliver readings in a matter of minutes.

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