Lyft Testing Monthly Subscription Plan for Rides

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March 19, 2018—Lyft has begun experimenting with a new subscription model that would cost $199 per month, CNN reports.

Rather than a traditional monthly car payment, Lyft passengers could pay a monthly fee for access to its network of transportation services. For a few weeks now, the ride-hailing company has been offering select users an upfront monthly price option for a set amount of rides. The plans range from $199 for 30 rides to $399 for 60 rides. The offer reportedly applies to rides under $15.

Lyft CEO Logan Green recently described how, in the future, a person could purchase 1,000 miles of transportation for around $200.

The ride-sharing company, which provides 11 million rides per week, believes it’s in the early stages of disrupting the transportation industry, and Green said last week that the company’s mission is to shift 80 percent of vehicle miles traveled nationwide to ridesharing.

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