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For the past twelve years, Autel has evolved its MaxiSYS diagnostic tools to meet the ever-changing needs of repair industry technicians. For shops looking to do more repairs with less investment, the MaxiSYS MS906TS creates Pre-SCAN and Post-SCAN reports. This offers collision or mechanical shops the ability to perform Auto Scans to quickly diagnose vehicle DTCs, generate a vehicle diagnostic report, and complete all repairs in-house. The Pre-SCAN / Post-SCAN reports are branded with the shop logo and information for better presentation. They detail all needed repairs, include attached images of needed parts information and associated repair costs. Mechanics can then easily send the reports to insurers for quicker project approval and avoid change orders for unseen repairs.

“For a collision or a mechanical shop, the MaxiSYS MS906TS is the perfect tool,” says Maurice Miller, director of the technical support team at Autel.


The Need to Scan

In the past few years, pre- and post-scanning has become a hot button topic within the industry, but many are slow or hesitant to catch up.

A few years ago, pre- and post-scanning was unheard of. Because of the lack of technology or knowledge, customers were often being sent off with partially repaired or unsafe vehicles. Before the technology was available to perform scans, the known damage was looked at, but often, especially in the case of a collision, other unknown systems had been impacted. With the introduction of pre- and post-scanning tools, all of that has changed.

Pre-scanning a vehicle shows repairers all of the systems that were impacted by a collision or need to be attended to during a check-up. Post-scanning shows whether or not everything has been fixed.

Now, most automakers have released position statements requiring pre- and post-repair scanning. With these requirements and the safety of customers on the line, it’s no longer acceptable for mechanical or collision repair shops to do things the way they’ve always been doing. Pre- and post-scanning technology is a must in every shop.




Improving Service Tools: MaxiSYS MS906TS

Autel has been contributing to the collision repair industry for the past decade by offering a range of service tools including the MaxiDIAG MD808Pro and MaxiService MX808. While these tools generate more basic diagnostic reports, the MD808Pro and MX808 provide the same fast Auto Scan feature as the MS906TS. Having one of these high functioning code readers and a more advanced scan tool like the MS906TS in the same shop allows technicians to work more quickly and efficiently, instead of sharing one tool to perform different tasks.

The wireless MS906TS now becomes the best option for the collision repair industry by providing this new Pre-SCAN / Post-SCAN reports process and offering complete TPMS features. This is also Autel’s most affordable bi-directional scan tool to perform the coding and activations that collision and repair shops depend on for larger repair projects.


MS906TS Features:
  • Wireless bluetooth VCI 100 and complete connector kit with carry case
  • AutoVIN - Instantly retrieves vehicle ID, make, model and year
  • AutoSCAN - Retrieves information from all modules in all systems (body, chassis, powertrain, information and communication)
  • Single screen list to display all detected faults and trouble codes - Pre-SCAN / Post-SCAN reports printable from AutoSCAN feature
  • Complete TPMS features include read, activate, relearn and program Autel MX-Sensors
  • Bi-Directional diagnostics for activations, coding & adaptations
  • Four-mode live data viewing/printing/storing/playback
  • The unique dedicated services section includes oil service reset, EPB, ABS/SRS and SAS services
  • Full-screen waveform graphing analysis of up to three system parameters with trigger-type recording modes
  • Active test functions perform vehicle specific sub-system and component tests to determine system integrity




A Tool for Any Shop

Whether you work in a mechanical, collision repair or tire shop, Miller says that the MS906TS is a perfect tool to cover all of your bases. For shops that do work in both areas, it eliminates the need for duplicate tools and for shops that are looking to break into a new market, it’s the perfect first step.

The release of MS906TS is the first step toward the release of Autel’s ADAS calibration tool package that will be available in the next few months.


Autel Technical Support

As the leader of the support team, Miller can confidently say that the support that Autel provides its customers is second to none. Autel is always responsive to its customers and eager to learn more about their needs so our engineers can innovate tool software and help create new coverage to benefit all technicians depending on Autel diagnostics in their shop.

Our Tech Support Team is open Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm Eastern Standard Time.

Call: 1-855-288-3587
Live Chat:



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