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A Full Circle Online Marketing Approach

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A few years ago, if your shop focused heavily on SEO, that was enough to be at the top of the online marketing game. Today? There’s so much more to achieving a first-page ranking online.

“In the past, everyone relied on a strong SEO to get your shop seen at the top of search results,” says Patrick Egan, vice president of marketing for Kukui. “And although this is still very important, it’s not enough because there are so many other companies out there that take up all of the valuable search spots—like Yelp.”

With its customized marketing approach, Kukui helps shops through the entire process, from setting up an effective website to monitoring the data through its dashboard. The all-in-one platform designs marketing programs based off of data and research to drive and boost sales. With Kukui, shops can target a key audience, increase leads and build brand awareness.


Vision Brought to Life

Ayers Repairs in Santa Barbara, Calif., has worked with Kukui for six years. Nikki Ayers, owner of the shop, says she made the switch to Kukui because she didn’t believe her previous vendor listened to what she wanted.

In the beginning, Kukui let Ayers speak with a few of the website builders with the company and they built her a preview page of what they could build for her shop. Ayers provided her input and Kukui delivered.

“It took a long time, but in the end, I had exactly what I wanted,” Ayers says. “My imprint was on every page of the website. It was a team effort.”

Kukui didn’t stop there. Ayers is able to contact her representative at Kukui and mention whenever she thinks something needs a tweak. In fact, last fall, Ayers had the entire website revamped.

“I believe in updating my website,” Ayers says. “Kukui did it no problem. I wanted an entire revamp. They’re so willing to make a site that meets your needs. They give their clients a lot of artistic freedom.”




Substantial ROI

Through pay-per-click marketing, Kukui tracks the amount of customers that click on a specific ad and then tracks how many of those are converted into customers for its clients. Kukui offers flexible pricing for the Adwords themselves, so shops can decide what kind of investment they’d like to make each month. Egan says that most shops that use Kukui see a 6:1 return on investment using AdWords. Ayers spends $200 per month for AdWords and sees a $3,000–$4,000 ROI each month.

Every month, Ayers goes through all of the analytics that Kukui’s dashboard provides and looks critically at the data to determine which AdWords perform the best and which words need to perform better.

“If you don’t look at it and watch it, it’s a waste of money,” Ayers says.




Robust Dashboard

Beyond determining what AdWords perform the best, the Kukui dashboard provides data that can help shops figure out where customers come from and the best areas to invest in marketing.

“It’s great to watch where your leads are coming from,” Ayers says. “It’s nice to see when you’re in the top 10.”

The dashboard breaks down marketing performance, average revenue per customer, lead conversion rate, as well as important factors like car count.

“I think the dashboard is really helpful,” Ayers says. “We can look at direct hits to the website and see where organic leads are coming from.”

The dashboard also picks up on other metrics that a shop can use to its advantage, such as the average phone pickup rate.

“I look at when calls are missed, if that call is coming from an AdWord, that missed call is costing me four to five bucks,” she says.

Ayers is sure to follow up and find out why calls were missed to make sure she’s doesn’t waste money on AdWord leads.


Dedicated Service

For Ayers, the biggest factor in partnering with Kukui was the passion that the team had and the amount of time they are willing to put in to make sure she gets exactly what she wanted.

“I felt that they were genuine,” Ayers says.

Find out more about Kukui and Adwords at or call (877) 695-6008.

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